Life is busy

Kids. Career. Spouse. Errands. Meals. House keeping. Oh, and the dog!

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You’re busy. Really busy. Unfortunately the dog won’t walk or train herself, and without manners and exercise she’s a bit of a handful.

Let us help train your dog so that you can enjoy each other for a lifetime.

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Does your dog create havoc when you're gone?

Let's talk about Separation Anxiety

Treatment of Separation related anxieties includes treating the underlying anxiety and fear of being alone.

Dog’s behavior got you frazzled?

Let us do the Training

Good dog manners are just a phone call away. Let us help you enjoy your dog.

Positive reinforcement training

Let us get you off on the right paw

Puppies! The joy and the agony! Let us help you keep the fun and ditch the crazy.

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Customer Review

Ruger, my Rat Terrier is full of energy and wouldn’t listen. I contacted Athena at Let Us Do The Walking to set up a training schedule. She was able to put together a schedule that accommodated to my time frame. After just a few training sessions I was able to notice a difference in how Ruger was obeying commands. Athena was great and by the end of the training, Ruger was able to obey commands, walk while on a leash, stop chasing the chickens and to not bark at everyone that he saw. I would recommend Athena to anyone that needs help training their dog.


Windsor CA

“Athena is a wonderful dog trainer. She came to our home and worked with our lab puppy that we couldn’t even walk because she pulled sohard. It was very convenient because I am working from home.  In no time Athena transformed her into a dog we love to walk! The best part is that Athena was always positive and really cared about our dog so we felt good knowing she was well cared for. And our puppy got exercise as a bonus.”


Santa Rosa, CA

“I’ve now had 2 great experiences in working with Athena, most recently in working with our 1 year old puppy, Riley. Athena has an extensive knowledge of many different approaches to help our dog learn all the things! Riley no longer rushes people at the door or pulls me over when we go for a walk! Riley is a quick learner but Athena has been a masterful teacher.”


Petaluma, CA

“The patience of a master. I have a dog that doesn’t like much of anything. Athena was so patient and kind with him that she was able to successfully train him on basic obedience even without an immediate bond. I am thankful to her for seeing past his woes and bringing out the best in him.”


Petaluma, CA
Athena Labberton, professional dog trainer

Meet Athena

Owner and Lead Trainer Athena Labberton loves making clients’ lives easier by transforming their dogs through regular exercise and fun, humane training.

Bugsy is our mascot

Bugsy Says: “Dogs like cookies!”

Take it from Bugsy: Just like humans, we dogs like to be acknowledged for our good deeds. See us do something you like? Snoopy had it right—a pat on the head or “good dog” just doesn’t cut it. But give us a yummy cookie (or maybe a toss of our favorite ball) and we’re likely to do that cool thing again.

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