Does your dog create havoc when you're gone?

There is Hope!

Separation related anxiety in dogs is one of the most challenging behavioral problems when living and working with dogs.

Pet parents often feel trapped in their homes or filled with guilt knowing that their dog is suffering if they do leave them.

Separation related anxiety is a phobia, or intense fear of being left alone.  A dog who suffers from it will experience intense feelings of fear and panic.  This is much like a panic attack in humans and just as extreme.

These feelings, typically, are observed in behaviors such as:

  • pacing
  • panting
  • excessive drooling
  • incessant barking and/or howling
  • property destruction at exit points
  • attempts to escape
  • elimination (even if well house trained)
  • self-mutilation

When they occur during extreme fear and anxiety, the resulting extreme behaviors are unintentional and not a result of the dog being angry or spiteful – the dog simply can’t cope.  

But we can help.

How Our Protocol Gives You Hope

Treatment of Separation related anxieties includes treating the underlying anxiety and fear of being alone. The behavior modification training protocol works because it exposes the dog to that which scares him – being alone – in small enough increments of time so the dog doesn’t experience anxiety or fear. Slowly your dog becomes more comfortable with longer and longer stretches of time until they can be home alone as needed without stress. Over time, this also alleviates the behavior concerns often observed with separation anxiety.

Our protocol is a science-based approach that is not only the most humane treatment option, but the only one that offers lasting results.

A Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer is trained to help you every step of the way, including how to:

  • individualize the process to your dog
  • be able to read the dog and observe the results of the protocol at each stage
  • know when it’s time to push forward or move slower to keep your dog progressing comfortably

The trainer is also there to keep you motivated

  • We celebrate the smallest wins and rejoice in larger wins
  • We help weather the setbacks that can occur along the way, and adjust to keep the training process moving forward

We become a team – Pet parent, dog, and trainer – working together to help your dog learn that being alone is safe.

How it works

First, we begin with a 30-minute phone call or zoom introductory call. This complimentary call is an opportunity to learn more about the training protocol, what’s required, what you can expect, and get to know one another.

When you’re ready for hope, we begin your program.

Our 4-week Package includes:

  • A 60 to 90 minute Initial Assessment
  • Creation of a tailored training plan based on your dog’s behavior. I’m with you every step of the way.
  • 20 step-by-step missions (5 per week) with adjustments made from your feedback on our shared google sheet.
  • Four weekly online meetings and reassessments to discuss concerns and questions as they arise, and to assess how your dog is doing with the protocol
  • Guidance and support throughout
Separation Anxiety 4-week Package – Initial package including assessment: $1050.00

Due to the nature of separation anxiety, and the time it takes to resolve, we require a minimum 4-week commitment to the protocol. You will see progress during this time, but may not reach your goals, so we offer continued support as needed.

Continuing 4-week packages are $900.

As your trainer I am committed to helping you and your dog along this journey. During the high times and the low as we work toward your training goal.