I love my initial consultations with new clients.  Hearing their goals and concerns, worries and stress for their dogs, always give me so many ideas. How can I help, which track should I take?  How will this dog react to positive, fear free learning? It’s an adventure waiting to happen. Setting up training protocol and a plan to reach goals always make me happy. I am excited to see the change in the pup.

After following through with either a coaching package, or a day training package, the dogs have become so special to me.  Watching them learn the basic obedience rules, walk on a leash nicely or calmly pass a dog gives me such joy and a sense of accomplishment. They are amazing. They have worked so hard, as have their families.

It’s a great day when dog and owner take a calm and quiet walk or have a meal without the dog on the table or introduce their new baby to their pup.  It is with joy, that I watch a dog go to their mat when asked and, I am amazed when a dog who jumped up greets me with all four feet on the floor.

So, as geeky as it, I love training dogs and their owners.  It gives my heart a lift after the training, to know I was able to help that dog and that family live the life they hoped for or made life easier.  I look forward to many more dogs and families to add to my list of successes.