Athena Labberton, CPDT-KA, Owner & Lead Dog Trainer

Purpose & Approach

Athena Labberton became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Dog Walker to provide busy career folks and parents like herself a little relief in the dog department. Family and dogs have always been an integral part of Athena’s life, and she knows how challenging it can be to keep up with it all. She’s passionate about helping dogs and people actively enjoy each other through goal-based training and regular walking exercise. She especially loves watching clients learn to love walking their dogs again.

It all comes down to peace of mind, really. That’s why Athena uses only positive training methods. She wants her clients to enjoy the training results she achieves, guilt-free. And since behavioral science has long proven the efficacy of these methods, she can’t see any reason training shouldn’t be fun as well as effective.

In 2022, Athena completed the Separation Anxiety Certification program.  In this rigorous three-month program, participants must understand and be able to apply positive scientific methods to dog training. Studies show that between 20 and 40- percent of dogs will experience separation issues.  The thought that so many dogs can feel so much fear and panic, and guardians can feel so helpless and hopeless, made this the path Athena had to follow.

Athena has taught public group dog training classes for several years. A shelter and rescue advocate, she volunteered her expertise to Marin Humane Society for five years, working with dogs who needed a little extra training attention and exercise, and she used her skills and love of dogs to train at Big Dog Rescue for six years. Athena is passionate about continuing education and can often be seen at professional seminars and workshops around the Bay Area and beyond.

CSAT: Separation Anxiety Certification Program

Athena has completed the premier science-based certification program in Separation Anxiety training for dogs. Created and taught by one of the top trainers in the field.   Choosing a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer(CSAT) is one of the best options available for helping your dog deal with separation anxiety. CSATs offer virtual training, so no matter where you live they can work with your dog remotely and use scientific methods to come up with solutions for your dog’s separation anxiety.

CBA: Canine Behavior & Training Academy

Formerly at the Marin Humane Society and now at Humane Society Silicon Valley, Trish King’s program focuses on practical, positive training solutions for everything from basic manners to serious behavioral issues.

ACDW: dog*biz Advanced Certified Dog Walker

Only a few dozen dog walkers country-wide can claim this high level certification focused on addressing behavioral issues in a safe and positive way during daily dog walks.

CPDT-KA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

Athena has completed the most widely recognized certification program in the dog training industry via the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

CDW: dog*biz Certified Dog Walker

The most respected training program for dog walkers, The Dog Walking Academy teaches safe, responsible walking through an understanding of dog behavior and basic training, reading body language, safety and emergency protocols, and ethical business practices.

APDT: Member, Association of Professional Dog Trainers

The association works toward higher standards in the training industry and provides high level continuing education opportunities for members.


Assistant Trainer

Ian Labberton

A dog*biz Certified Dog Walker, Ian loves showing dogs a good, safe time. He has a particular soft spot for walking more challenging dogs. It’s edifying to see them have the chance to get out in the world and exercise, and Ian loves seeing the behavioral progress they make, too. At Let Us Do The Walking & Training, Ian often assists Athena in training situations requiring a second skilled handler. He is working toward his training certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.




Bugsy is an ever-present energy source for Let Us Do The Walking & 

Training. When not busy being the face of the company or distributing helpful training tips on our website, Bugsy keeps occupied with his hobbies, which mostly include walking and running. Despite his very important and high-stress position, he’s an easy-going, loveable, goofy guy. So long as he gets his walkies, of course.

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