Young dog with too much energy?

Let us do the walking

Neighbors complaining about the boredom barking?

Let us do the walking

Tired of coming home to chewed up furniture?

Let us do the walking

Feeling guilty about long days at work?

Let us do the walking

How dog walking works: We Do It For You, one dog at a time

Life with an adolescent dog or a new dog in the family can feel a little crazy. If you find yourself thinking more about issues like pulling on leash, jumping on visitors, what piece of furniture is going to be chewed next rather than enjoying your dog, that’s where we come in. Let us do the training.


We pick up your dog, give her a good on-leash workout, make sure she has a fine time, and then return her home tuckered out and ready to relax with you when you get home.

Personalized attention

We only walk one dog at a time (or up to three siblings from the same household), to be sure your dog gets our undivided attention, and a walk that’s just the right speed for her.

Maximum safety

One dog at a time means we’re always focused on your dog’s needs. Our dog*biz Certified dog walkers keep an eye on the environment to keep your dog out of trouble and in the safety zone.

Good manners practice

Because we’re dog*biz Certified, we know a thing or two about dog behavior and training. That means every walk is a training walk—we teach and reinforce nice leash manners every day.
Have a dog with an extra behavior challenge or two?
We can work with challenging behavior like lunging and barking at other dogs—don’t hesitate to ask.

Walking details

We start all walking services with an initial meet and greet appointment.  This way as we meet you and your furry friend. We get to know your needs and we work to set up a good dog walking schedule.

To give your dog enough exercise to make a difference in his behavior at home, and so that he settles comfortably into a safe walking routine, we require a minimum 3 walks/ week commitment.

Walking Packages- 1 hour:

Why let us do the walking?


Take it from Bugsy: We dogs thrill to the sound of “Walkies!” and we’re much more likely to chill when we’ve had one. Don’t stress if you don’t have time—we understand. Just send us out with a good walker and then we can hang out and relax together when you get home.