Young dog with too much energy?

Let us do the walking

Tired of coming home to chewed up furniture?

Let us do the walking

Neighbors complaining about the boredom barking?

Let us do the walking

Young dog with too much energy?

Let us do the walking

Let us make training your dog easy

Life with an adolescent dog or a new dog in the family can feel a little crazy. If you find yourself thinking more about issues like pulling on leash, jumping on visitors, what piece of furniture is going to be chewed next rather than enjoying your dog, that’s where we come in. Let us do the training.

Let Us Do The Training For You!

Training our furry friends can be exhausting, frustrating and feel fruitless. Let Us Do The Training can do the training for you. In this 5 week training period Our Lead Trainer and Owner, Athena Labberton, will come to your home during the day, for up to an hour,  and train your dog wherever problems are occurring—in your home, around your neighborhood, out at the park, etc.

Hang out and watch Athena transform your dog, or do whatever you need to do: Work, run errands, take the kids to their dentist appointments. Or do something nice for yourself: Maybe sneak in a quick spa or gym stop, or enjoy lunch with friends. However you spend your day, enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be coming home to a better-behaved dog.

Package consists of a total of 5 weeks of training. Includes:

Let Us Teach You To Train!

You want to be a part of the training, so we can coach you to train. Our Lead Trainer and Owner, Athena will come meet with you to determine your goals for training your furry friend. She will help you pick the right package for your dog, or she can help you create a customized plan. Then, you will meet together to implement the training plan.  You will have the tools and responsibility to practice in between coaching sessions. 

What we can do for you:

Basic Manners

Basic Manners like no pulling on leash, coming when called, polite sits and downs, and staying put.

Destructive Behaviors

Destructive Behaviors like chewing, digging, and house soiling

Problem Behaviors

Problem Behaviors like barking, growling, fear, aggression, and separation anxiety

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